Enigma2 Tutorial

How to add our iptv script subscription to Vu + Enigma2?

To be able to add our iptv subscription in script format to your Vu + (Solo, Solo2, Uno, Duo, Zero, ..), you will need:

  1. Your solo VU +
  2. Putty Software: Download here  putty software
  3. The iptv subscription script for enigma 2 (that we sent you). 

Here are the steps to configure the iptv subscription in script format on your vu +:

1- Make sure your Vu + receiver is connected to your home network. how? You have to go to menu

2- You have your network IP address.

3- Open the software putty and copy the IP address of your receiver as in the picture below and press open

4- A window opens with the following dialog box:

5- Type root: then entered on your keyboard

6- Following root: paste the enigma2 script that your iptv provider gave you

wget -O /etc/enigma2/iptv.sh "http: // URL-THE-SERVER : PORT /get.php?username= xxxxxxx & password = xxxxxxx & type = enigma22_script & output = ts' && chmod 777 / etc / enigma2 / IPTV. sh && /etc/enigma2/iptv.sh

then entered: The scipt will load your IPTV list on your VU +

And now, voila. Reboot your receiver and go to the favorites (blue button) your iptv list is there.

Problems and solutions:

Many vu + users have encountered problems with the Root and password.

The Login is default: root
The default password: empty

If it does not work try Login: root password: (vuplus, dreambox, ect) or make a backup of your image and reset your demo factory.

You will find on the site of vu +  www.vuplus-community. 
BH images for your receiver