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DIAMOND IPTV OTT PRO, +60.000 Channels and VOD in FULL HD, Varied choice.

+3000 Channels of all kinds SD / HD / Full HD.

+13000 Movies in 7 languages ​​(FR-ENG-AR-ESP-IT-TR-GR-NL) SD / HD / Full HD / 4K.

+1400 Series in 4 languages ​​(FR-ENG-AR-TR) SD / HD / Full HD / 4K.

*** For Resellers: 3 Months = 0.25 Credit || 6 Months = 0.50 Credit || 12 Months = 1 Credit.

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45,00 €

-5,00 €

50,00 €

  • 12 MONTHS
  • 6 MONTHS
  • 3 MONTHS
  • Reseller Panel: 10 Credits
  • Reseller Panel: 25 Credits
  • Smart TV / Android TV/Box
  • Mag / Formuler / STB
  • Fire TV Stick / PC / MAC

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The best IPTV subscription | IPTV server without cuts

TEST 48 hours
Ask for a 48 Hour IPTV Test to test our iptv server to see for yourself its stability!
Our INFRASTRUCTURE ensures data security AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL. You can watch your channels without interruption 24 hours a day!
Advanced IPTV Server
Redundant network connections with 10 Gbps bandwidth allows fast data transmission!

Why choose us ? | The best IPTV subscription

Stop paying fortunes for your favorite channels, and welcome to the world of DIAMOND IPTV !!!

The IPTV subscription of DIAMOND IPTV offers a wide choice of channels, over 3000 HD / SD / FULL HD channels, such as sports, entertainment, nature ... channels. And many more channels with an IPTV Premium server and IPTV subscription in France, Italy, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Belgium, Arab ... and several VOD FILMS (FILMS, SERIES, DOCUMENTARY, ANIMAL DRAWING ...) as well as PPV A channels. THE DEMAND…) . Compatible with your PC, tablet , smartphone, smart TV, enigma2 MAG .. .

This global service provides the best IPTV channels continuous associated with a video stream with high-speed and accessible anywhere on your smart TV , smartphone and PC .. .

Update and FREE support

We believe in our product and we hold to the highest standards. We really care about your leisure as much as you do, which is why we offer the best support through our dedicated support center. In addition, DIAMOND IPTV offers constantly free updates with new features requested by our users. You can count on us.

Finally You just need to subscribe and have a minimum 10 Mega internet connection  to enjoy iptv service without Freez and start watching our bouquets on your TV without a satellite dish, whatever your geographical location on earth!

Simplicity and Efficiency
Very simple installation, connect and watch your favorite channels in instantaneous.
World Wide Access
Your TV or wherever you are, all you need is Wi-Fi or 3G / 4g.
No additional hardware installation
No parable required to benefit from our service, no cables and modernity.
A very affordable cost and affordable for all, a modest fee less than half the monthly cost of a cable service
Continuous updates
New VOD channels and movies are added permanently at no additional cost.
Unlimited access
ALL-in-One - get full access without any restrictions or additional fees
SD, HD, and FULL HD quality
Choose the quality according to your bandwidth, everyone can enjoy it.
Optimized streaming technology
All you need is a stable Internet speed of 8 Mbit / s or higher for a smooth, freez-free reading experience.


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Morocco iptv: 48h test Smart IPTV Morocco, IPTV France.

IPTV4NET - Cheaper IPTV subscription.
*** Includes all international bouquets.
*** Includes thousands of Movies and Series on VOD.

Compatible devices:
- Smart TV (Samsung, LG, Sony, Philips, Sharp, Haier, Visio ...)
- Any type of Android device (Android Box, Android TV, etc.)
- MAG (MAG200, MAG245, MAG245D, MAG250, MAG254, MAG255, MAG256, MAG257, MAG260, MAG270, MAG275, MAG322, MAG323, MAG324, MAG325, MAG349, MAG350, MAG351, MAG352, MAG420 WR320 ... any other type of MAG)
- PC (VLC, Kodi ...)
- IOS (MAC, Iphone, Ipad ...)
- Moresat receivers (Samsat, Echolink, Starsat, Pinacle ...)
- Receivers with Enigma 2 (Dreambox, Vu + ...)
And other equipment ...